Antarctica Day 4

Neko Harbour and Paradise Bay

Awoke to perfect weather and the most picturesque location.

The sea had a mirror finish, punctuated by all manner of icebergs, as the ship almost silently crept towards the end of Neko Harbour. Here's the video:

As the sun rose, the only sound was occasional crack of distant ice and rumble of avalanches (though we did witness one avalanche, as seen in the above video).

Zodiacs took us ashore for our first landing, and we walked up an overlooking peak for a better view of the harbour.

Then spent some time about the penguins moulting at the shoreline - our first introduction to the unmistakable smell of a penguin colony.

Back on the ship, the beauty and stillness was a sight to behold - as were the penguins showing how much more agile they are in water!

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 13.08.09.png

The ship then departed to Paradise bay, where it anchored for the afternoon.

Here's a timelapse of that short but stunning trip (note the small foreground iceberg imploding/exploding in the opening shot).

From here we took Zodiacs into the adjacent Skontorp Cove. I did not record much video on this little sojourn, but took some nice photos. There were lots seals and Minke Whales, in addition to a stunning glacier.

We departed Paradise Bay under a leaden sky, but more treats were ahead.