Antarctica Day 6

Enterprise Island and Portal Point

Our first stop was Enterprise Island and another Zodiac tour.

More ice and seals - but the highlight was the wreck of the whaling ship Guvernøren.

This Norwegian vessel was deliberately run aground in 1915 when it caught fire during a crew party. It remains partly-submerged to this day.

Everyone was rescued, but the ship remains quite a ghostly sight.

Back on our somewhat more comfortable ship, we set sail for Portal Point.

This stretch of water saw us encounter many humpback whales.

If you watch the timelapse of the trip below, you will see passengers watching them.

And if you watch on a big screen, you should see numerous whale blows and the creatures themselves. I've also included in the video a few closer, real-time shots from my handheld camera.

Portal Point was named because of an accommodating slope that forms a "ramp" to the continent - a good entry point for explorers and researchers (and their equipment).

There are also lots of seals.

Note to Tims: It was here that I took a picture with the Nail and Gear flag.

We departed that evening, heading toward an early arrival at the so-called "iceberg alley" of the Antarctic Sound.