Voting Baby (from a listener)

Hello Internet!

William's mom and dad voted in the flag referendum and noticed that you have no age limit on who can vote. Since William regularly listens to the podcast with his parents, it only seemed fair to give him a chance to vote.

William is nine months old.

The postcard his mom wrote and mailed off on his behalf has a disclosure and mentions that we took pictures and are emailing them (to Brady, of course).

Since he can't speak yet, mom printed off small copies of the short list and laminated them to present them to the little voter and let him select his favorite.


The flags were laid out on the carpet and William even did two runs with all flags laid out randomly and selected the same flag both times (a clear favorite that (spoilers) is shown in the pictures). His selection was done in the same manner, the remaining flags were laid out in a row and William was set down to crawl over and select his favorite.


The voting was quite a fun experience for him judging from his grin. 


We hope our postcards arrive for the vote. Everyone in the family has a different favorite, so we eagerly await the results!

We love the podcast!

Nick, Elaine, and William 

PS: This little guy also attended Random Acts of Intelligence! If you remember a lady with a beach ball under her sweater getting doodles/autographs from each of you after the event, that beach ball was William!  Still love the random cat you doodled, Brady! The page hangs up in the studio.