Why make this video?

Posting a "different video" to a channel like Numberphile inevitably raises comments and questions?

Why did you do this? What is the point? Are you out of ideas?

Why did I make this video? Because I thought of it and wondered what it would be like.

That's a nice thing about being a YouTuber (as opposed to, say, working in traditional TV). 

Anything goes.

It'd be a pretty boring life if we just made the same videos over and over again - for film-makers and for the viewers!

So what is the point of this 1-200 video? You decide.

For a channel called Numberphile, maybe it is just a little love song!?

Maybe it is a comment on Google's push to define and categorise everything, even something as abstract as numbers?

Or maybe it was just something cheerful to upload on a Friday afternoon?

Maybe it is all these things?

There's really no need to explain. I just made it. It's free to watch it or ignore it.

I wouldn't even bother writing this blog, but it provides a link with which I can quickly answers questions, which I am learning is quite efficient!