Flying the Flag

Recently I heard from a video viewer and podcast listener called Valia.

In part, her email said:

"A year and a half ago, when you first talked about your visit to the Royal Society in one of the early podcasts, I was in my home country unsure of what I wanted to do and a little bit confused about my future plans. Listening to you talk with such enthusiasm about the Royal Society made me research their history and policy and become inspired by their vision. Fast forward to today, I have moved to the UK and will be volunteering at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition this coming week."

A week or two later, Valia email again with pictures from the exhibition.

I can't help noting she also was flying a flag.


Valia concluded:

"Thank you again for being the catalyst for this incredible experience. In the future, every time I watch the Objectivity videos, I will do so with a huge smile on my face."

Here's an example of Objectivity, filmed at the Royal Society:

And here's Grey and I doing Hello Internet at The Royal Society: