Epic Circles Brown Paper

Perhaps the most famous and beautiful brown paper created during Numberphile is the Epic Circles masterpiece.

Simon Pampena created it during the filming of his 26-minute opus.

I have kept it for a long time, thinking I may have it framed in my office!

But today I have listed it for auction on ebay.

HERE IT IS ON EBAY with more pictures

I really think it is gorgeous and, if you enjoy Numberphile, it would look superb framed on the wall!

Some people may be aware I recently lost my father-in-law David to cancer.

The care he received in his final weeks was very special and, in some small way, I want to ensure it remains available to all.

Half the proceeds raised from the paper sale will go to the Cransley Hospice in Northamptonshire. (you can also just make a small donation through this Numberphile page)

The other half will go to Macmillan Nurses via a fundraising venture my niece is undertaking. 

(Special thanks to Simon who has supported this auction also)