Flag Ships

EDIT (22 September 2015)

COMMISSIONED AFTER EPISODE 47... (discussion from 18'50")

In strange turn of events, it seems the Hello Internet podcast now has two "flag ships"?

They are Anthem of the Seas and Majesty of the Seas.

Anthem of the Seas (royalcarribbean.com)

Anthem of the Seas (royalcarribbean.com)

Majesty of the Seas (royalcarribbean.com)

Majesty of the Seas (royalcarribbean.com)

So how did this happen?


Well, for starters, Brady (that's me) has a view of the sea from his office and likes to use websites and apps (preferably Marine Traffic) to identify various cargo ships sailing by.

Co-host CGP Grey - normally sceptical about Brady's interests - admitted he too has a passion for ships!

A view from Brady's office

A view from Brady's office

Hear about it on episode 42 (at the start of the show)


We received an email from John, a bass player on the ship Anthem of the Seas.

In part, his email said:

"You and Grey mentioned you were interested in ships and had been checking out a website where you can view the position of ships all over the world and get information about them. I am employed as a bassist on a cruise ship. So the next time you’re browsing marine traffic, look up my ship and you can see the exact position of someone who is likely listening to an episode of Hello Internet while at sea!"

Sure enough, we looked up John's ship. Hear about it on episode 43 (from 16'40")


Next we heard from Gannon - believe it or not he is also Hello Internet listener and a bass player on a ship... And it's the sister ship to Anthem of the Seas.

Gannon works on Majesty of the Seas.

His email said, in part:

"I work primarily as a trombonist in the orchestra on the beautiful "Majesty of the Seas" and sometimes play bass for the Jazz sets. I am what is known as a seasonal musician though. During the school year I am actually a music professor at a university in central Texas."

Gannon even sent 'proof' in a later email

Gannon even sent 'proof' in a later email

Hear us check on Anthem and then discuss Gannon's email on episode 44 (22'45")

So now we have two ships to check on?

You can too - I recommend Marine Tracker because I like how it looks, but other good websites exist for doing this.

And here are the positions of Anthem and Majesty at the time I wrote this blog.