Caveman and Robot

Hello Internet listener Kevin emailed recently.

In part, his email said:

"With all the talk about games on Hello Internet recently I thought I'd throw in my profession into the ring. I'm a freelance digital artist that specializes in video game asset development and production... I've worked on just about everything ranging from 2D initial concept art up to game ready animated sprites and full 3D assets (low and high poly modelling, sculpting and texturing).
"Though it's been a while since I listened to HI while working (hard to pay attention particularly while doing more technical work), I do still listen when I'm out and about. I make a point to get away from my computer as much as possible when not working, which is when I really get a chance to listen more recently."

I couldn't resist asking Kevin to turn his talents to Hello Internet itself... Here's what he came up with.

Technical info from Kevin...

"I mainly used Zbrush to sculpt and paint, with a little 3DSmax, particularly for the hard surfaces and repeating shapes on Greys model, and Photoshop for final render."

For more caveman and robot antics, here's the most recent HI Animated by Dovsky: