Another Periodic Videos Top 10

For Periodic Videos’s 10th anniversary, we published “top ten” lists by both myself and Professor Sir Martyn Poliakoff.

Here’s another top 10 supplied by one of our viewers and a good friend of the show, Andres Tretiakov. He’s a technician at an English school and a real chemistry enthusiast.

Andres and The Prof

Andres and The Prof

He avoided any duplication with videos on mine or Sir Martyn’s list…

Tsar's Vodka and Gold

I love Aqua Regia and especially all the history and alchemy associated with it. The red colloidal solution or sol of gold nanoparticles at the end also demonstrates that red stained glass in churches contained gold nanoparticles.


Neil compilation: because he is the MASTER and I can only aspire to be like him.

Carbon Dioxide Cannon

 Because by making mistakes science moves forward!!!

Periodic Table Clock (12 Days of Christmas)

The whole series of the 12 Days of Christmas is a pleasure to watch. It really shows just how far away Periodic Videos has reached and the wonderful response of the fans that love chemistry across the globe. In addition, it made me reach out to Nagayasu Nawa and congratulate him for such beautiful artwork, clocks, fans and PT Happi. Since then, we have exchanged gifts, ideas and suggestions for a few years now and I consider him a good friend thanks to Periodic Videos.

Fire Water

Any reaction involving potassium metal is a favourite of mine. Here Sam Tang showed me a really cool demo that I have used many many times and for that I’m very grateful! It’s beautiful and there is so much chemistry going on!


 Not only this one but ALL the videos involving trips around the world where the Prof held meetings, sharing and discussing chemistry in a more personal approach.

Dynamite and TNT

Being an enthusiast of high energetic materials I thought this video was great! The supersonic wave shown in the photos and the history described is striking. I immediately bought the book Canary Girls of Chilwell.

Pouring Mercury into Liquid Nitrogen (slow motion)

Because sometimes you have to try things out!!!! The scientific method in action!

How much caffeine in coffee?

Because we are really addicted to caffeine and it’s my favourite molecule! I have extracted caffeine from coffee, yerba mate (from Argentina), tea and chocolate powder. A very good introductory organic chemistry experiment.

Nanoparticle Sign

I think this was my first gift to the Prof and to Periodic Videos back in 2011. I have fond memories of making it and a whole video dedicated to it was an unexpected pleasant surprise!