Objectivity Handwriting

Here are two fun T-shirts to show your support for our Objectivity videos. They're based on the handwriting of Charles Darwin and Isaac Newton.

Artist Pete McPartlan created the designs after reviewing documents in the Royal Society archives.

Below are some pictures from the creation process.

If you'd like a T-Shirt go to this link.

Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 12.42.00.png

You can also now support Objectivity on Patreon, as we look to make more videos and try new things in 2017.

However the best way to support the project - and the thing that makes us happiest - is watching the videos and subscribing to the YouTube channel.

You can also learn more (and see the handwriting of countless famous scientists for yourself) by checking out the Royal Society library.

The society also has a print shop full of great stuff.