Antarctica Day 3

Arrival at Antarctica

After a couple of days in the Drake Passage, our first sight of land was Smith Island.

Around the same time, a smattering of whales were spotted blowing in the distance. 

We later arrived at the Melchior Islands - and it was jaw-dropping.

Icebergs, mountains, wildlife. It was all so much grander than we expected.

This timelapse video shows the last section of the Drake Passage, including Smith Island and the dramatic arrival.

We then piled into Zodiac boats for our first little adventure, skirting around icebergs and small rocky outcrops.

We got close to seals and penguins, but it was just a taste of what was to come.

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 19.12.18.png

Finally, with a beautiful sunset and dramatic full moon rising, we set sail once more, heading towards day four.