The Birth of Freebooting

I often discuss "copyright infringement" with CGP Grey. It's a frequent topic on our Hello Internet podcast.

The original discussion back in episode 2

We're particularly interested in the context of people taking YouTube videos (such as our own) and re-hosting them elsewhere without permission.

These people (or the media hosts) can profit by running advertising against the stolen/cloned/taken/borrowed version.

Now the ever-cautious Grey does not believe this should be called "stealing", preferring the term "infringing".

I always feel infringing is too tame a word.

Listen from about 2'50" for Grey not liking the term "stealing"

We encouraged listeners to devise a new word to describe this practice.

It was really just for fun, but I suggested "freebooting", an old-fashioned piracy word which I thought was well-suited.

Listen from about 12'30" for the birth of freebooting

Grey preferred another viewer suggestion, viewjacking, but I did not like this.

Whichever is better, I think freebooting has gained more traction. Perhaps this has been due to my light-hearted advocacy.

My cause had a major triumph this week when Destin from Smarter Every Day used it in his video about the growing problem of "Freebooting on Facebook".

It seems official now!!!

But all nomenclature jokes aside, this is a serious issue and Destin's video is worth watching.

PS: As seen above, we're slowly putting old Hello Internet podcasts on YouTube, but the best way to follow recent episodes in via you podcast client or our website - details here.

PPS: Since original post, Sourcefed have also given the term (and issue) some prominence. And credited Grey (above me!) for coining the term.