Hotstopper Awareness

The Hello Internet campaign to raise Hotstopper Awareness has gone to a new level.

All is explained in episode 49 of Hello Internet (from 43'30).

Hotstoppers are small contraptions to block the hole in the lids of take-away coffees (and other hot drinks). They are also known as "splash sticks".

Pic via @mynombreisben

Pic via @mynombreisben

My fellow podcaster CGP Grey has been bemoaning the lack of hotstoppers in many Starbucks outlets in the UK - and he's campaigning to have them available universally.

In true rabble-rousing style, Grey even launched a Twitter campaign to pressure Starbucks UK into action.

But our latest campaign for Hotstopper Awareness is a fundraiser.

We are looking to raise money for the Children's Burn Trust in the UK.

While our podcasting rants are partly for fun, the issue of hot drink spillages is very serious.

On its website, the CBT lists one of its main goals as "working with others to raise awareness of burns and scalds, including prevention campaigns".

It also urges people to "Drink Responsibly", pointing out that a hot drink can still scald a small child 15 minutes after pouring.

Over half of all children hospitalised for burns have been burned by hot drinks, the trust says.

So while Hello Internet may be light-hearted in its calls for hotstoppers, do think seriously about hot drinks, especially when near children.

You can donate to the Children's Burn Trust via this Hello Internet Just Giving Page.

And, as discussed on the podcast, we are auctioning our Reunion Swamphen Fracture (signed by Brady and Grey) with proceeds also going to the trust.

Being auctioned for charity

Being auctioned for charity

Oh, and tell @StarbucksUK about it! :)