Hello Internet Baby

As promised in episode 39 of Hello Internet, here's the email from listener Anne-Lise... Pic not included!

Dear Brady, Dear CGPGrey,

You were wondering in your last episode who has the time to listen to podcasts. Here is a possible answer: scientists on maternity leave!

In the last weeks of my pregnancy I finally had the time to listen to all your episodes. Your conversations replace very well the stimulating exchanges I would normally have at work during the coffee break.

Your last episode was also a great help in the delivery room (see picture). You managed to make me laugh at a time when my husband was too stressed and tired to provide distraction. I recommend your podcast and video to all my friends, especially young parents at home who crave so much intelligent entertainment.

Thank you for your great work on youtube, both of you make fantastic videos and complement each other perfectly, with your different styles. Like real soulmates :) 



POST SCRIPT: It was a boy named Hugo!