A Tim at Base Camp

From Rebecca...

Hey Brady,
Three years ago back in November of 2014 I had the opportunity to attend the Random Acts of Intelligence event in Huntsville, Alabama. I couldn’t believe you all were travelling across the world to a city an hour north of mine (Birmingham, Alabama) and I had a blast at the event. Afterwards there was a signing, but as you and Grey were so popular I got Derek and Henry’s signatures first then waited for yours, but as I got near to your desk the Huntsville center kicked everyone out into the cold fall night, shuffling the lines and causing me to return home before meeting you.
(Jokey story telling following, although it is true I heard about Everest Base Camp first from you on the podcast which sparked my interest)
I was not completely lost though, for I knew another possible way to have a hang out with the H.I. Pod. In true hard as nails fashion I decided to go to Everest Base Camp during the July Monsoon season, for while Grey said about the trip “No, not in a thousand years am I stepping in that helicopter, going to that bridge, in that country” I knew you may have been up for the challenge.
I was first blocked by the 2015 earthquake, but after 8 days trekking this summer through sun and rain and snow I reached the marker with my Random Acts poster ready to be signed and the PVC pipe from that night’s science experiment as proof, but as I looked around there was not a Hello Internet host in sight (photo attached is from a bit lower on the return as is was wet and windy at the top).
Knowing you must have taken the true hard as nails option to instead wait for later this year and actually summit Everest in the dead of winter, I descended with the hope that you’ll know that thanks to you guys I was inspired to take a trip I never imagined possible.
A girl Tim,