A Vintage Computer Game

Periodic Videos and Computerphile have joined forces to tell the story of a vintage computer game.

Scroll down for links to the PLAY ALL THE GAMES.

In the first video, Professor Sir Martyn Poliakoff explains how he commissioned students to make the compilation of chemistry-themed games in the 1980s.

With help from Dr Steve Bagley and a vintage computer, Sir Martyn also tries to play one of them.

In a second video on Computerphile, Dr Bagely discusses with Sean Riley how old software can be revived and run on emulators.

Dr Bagely has also put both sides of the disk on an emulator so you can play the games too.


Our thanks to Matt Godbolt for helping with the emulator.

Note that information in the game, such as the periodic table and university course info, is somewhat out of date. It was the 1980s!

You can also download the software itelf from Dr Bagley's Github here.

And here is a PDF of the game instructions.