Best of 2016

These are some of the videos I've been involved with making with during 2016.

It's an arbitrary combination of popular ones and my own favourites.

Lithium in 7Up: Dropping a sample of Lithium into soft drink!

The Josephus Problem: Helped by a great animation by Pete McPartlan.

Principia: A special video for Objectivity #100. Released the same day the channel reached 100k subscribers.

Burning Iron in LOX: One of the prettiest experiments of the year. Nice slow motion.

e: Finally, a Numberphile video focusing on this crucial constant. Featuring James Grime.

Paperclip Tricks: We started a whole series of videos with Tadashi Tokieda.

Biggest Prime: When a new biggest prime number was discovered, Matt Parker printed it.

Moon Trees: Just a fun little video made possible (and much more fun) by my mate Destin from Smarter Every Day.

More white gloves: The Festival of the Spoken Nerd also don the gloves in a group effort. Thanks to Steve, Helen, and Matt.

Dipping Birds: Using a thermal imaging camera, which is a new acquisition and proving to be fascinating.

Three Gears: One of several videos with 3D math printing guru Henry Segerman.

Moving the South Pole: Our friend Denis Barkats filmed a bunch of footage in Antarctica which we've gradually been editing into nice science videos.

Whirlpool Galaxy: Deep Sky Videos continued its gradual path through the entire Messier Catalogue.

Classic Hello Internet: There were lots of Hello Internet episodes - this was a "classic one", we claimed?

Doctor of Letters: My own highlight of the year - becoming Dr Brady thanks to the University of Nottingham.

Thanks to everyone who watched any of these and other videos during the year. I would not get to make these if it was not for you taking the time to view them!

And thanks also people who contributed via Patreon or by buying a flag, T-Shirt or vinyl record!

With YouTube subscriptions doing weird things these days, I always make sure the very best videos are included on occasional emails... If you'd like to subscribe to my email list, I'd be really pleased.