The Future of Objectivity

I’d like to update people about our Objectivity video series. And ask people to consider supporting it on Patreon.

Objectivity has been running since late 2014 and recently passed 200 episodes.

Keith, Brady, and James

Keith, Brady, and James

The videos are filmed and edited by James Hennessy. They’re some of the most fun projects I work on and we’re both very proud of the channel.

Who wouldn’t enjoy opening treasure chests and seeing the remains of a real dodo bird?

Since the start, Objectivity has mainly been filmed at The Royal Society.

The society has been incredibly supportive, both with access to its archive and funding.

Head librarian Keith Moore and his team go well beyond the call of duty.

Keith and Rupert Baker

Keith and Rupert Baker

This will not change. You will continue seeing Keith and treasures from the society collection.

However funding changes mean we can no longer produce fortnightly videos.

Instead, we’re looking at a reduction to one upload per month.

But ideally we would like to maintain a fortnightly schedule. This is why we’re appealing for help on Patreon.


Funding is what allows us to travel to more museums (in addition to the Royal Society) and pay for the cost of production.

White Gloves of Destiny at the AP Archive

White Gloves of Destiny at the AP Archive

Even as little as $1 a month makes a difference - it all adds up.

From my experience most patrons aren’t seeking big perks and rewards. However James and I are devising some nice ways to show appreciation to Patreon supporters - more news on that soon.

Finally - the best way anyone can support Objectivity is simple: keep watching

And maybe double click that notification bell so you’ll be sure see our new stuff.

Thank you to everyone who already watches and encourages the series. 

We love all your comments and feedback.