CGP Grey the Penguin

Bristol Zoo has named one of its penguins CGP Grey.

CGP Grey on the left (dad on the right)

CGP Grey on the left (dad on the right)

It was a token of thanks for Hello Internet's penguin conservation fundraising.

The chick was born on March 22, 2015.

Its official zoo ID number is 131471 and it wears the wing tag number A20583.

Watch the video.

It is very unusual for the zoo to give animals under these circumstances and a special honour for our podcast.

In an additional twist, the zoo has also made me (Brady) an official adopter of CGP Grey the Penguin.

We were both presented with certificates at the Star Wars/penguin event we hosted at the zoo on May 9.

It's official!

It's official!

Make a donation to Bristol Zoo.

PS: The gender of CGP Grey remains unknown. This will be determined by tests to coincide with the bird's six-month health check-up. Watch this space.

(UPDATE: Grey is a girl)

(ANOTHER UPDATE: This penguin sadly died during a transfer to Tbilisi Zoo in 2017)