Penguins and Vader - Photos

Some snaps from our Hello Internet event at Bristol Zoo on Saturday, May 9.

The event was held at Bristol Zoo to raise money for penguin conservation. The weather was glorious and started with a special talk about penguins by one of the keepers.

As a special surprise, it was revealed a recently-born penguin chick has been named CGP Grey in thanks for Hello Internet's fundraising efforts. More about that in a separate blog post.

After watching the penguin feeding, we then retreated to a special room for the film screening!

Cue John Williams!

Guest of honour David Prowse answers questions after the film.

Hello Internet listeners helped raise over £3,000 for the zoo's penguin conservation project.

Darth Vader may be a one dimensional character (!) but not David.

Thanks to everyone at Bristol Zoo who helped arrange the event, but especially Abi.

 Then a chance to meet viewers, and even sign a few technology products (Kindles, iPads and iPhones)... Yes those a penguin feet!

Signing an iPad is high-stakes.

Quite a few iPhones were signed

Selfie with a disposable camera - old school

Signing Knut's poster for the event.

A few more photos

And home, where Grey finally meets Audrey!!!