Official T-Shirts of Official Things

UPDATE (28 September): T-Shirt designs have been slightly amended to move the logo higher on the chest. We'll also be extending the sale deadline to October 5 to accommodate people who only learn of the shirts in episode 48. Sorry to anyone inconvenienced.

Despite CGP Grey's initial resistance, The Hello Internet Podcast now has an official bird and official rice rat.

I think it is entirely possible that we're the first podcast to appoint an official rice rat.

For a full explanation, listen to episode 47 (discussion from 1h33min onwards).

The chosen rice rat is the now extinct Jamaican Rice Rat.

And, controversially, our official bird is the Reunion Swamphen (not the African Penguin).

To mark the occasion, why not snap up one of these commemorative official T-shirts. Wear it with pride and tweet Grey a picture of it!

Various colours and designs available to suit your taste and gender. 


More discussion of the t-shirt here at the start of episode 48.